Um teste da Máxima fm

When I create a new post (not a custom post type), if I set the “Excerpt” field, when Publicize posts the content to Facebook, it does not use the information in the Excerpt box. Instead, it behaves as if the excerpt did not exist.

Example from Facebook:
For comparison, the same post on Google+, with the Excerpt value displayed:

Until recently, this issue was trivial. However, I have started to restrict access to some posts, including the post listed above. I do not want some of the content of the post to “leak” because of the Publicize feature. I want the Publicize module to respect the Excerpt feature.

I looked for settings that might affect this but I could not find any. If there is a setting, please advise. If this issue is beyond your control, please advise.

Thank you for your time.